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filename date size type
W1 class on 9-24.MP3 (download)09-2470.04 Mb mp3
W1-Platypus.pdf (download)09-24323.02 Kb pdf
W1-Sentence Combining 1.pdf (download)09-17771.56 Kb pdf
W1-Sentence Combining 2.pdf (download)09-1749.11 Kb pdf
W1-Sentence combining 3.pdf (download)09-241.1 Mb pdf
W1-Seventh Sense.pdf (download)08-3120.81 Mb pdf
W2-AP Analysis practice1.pdf (download)09-24889.52 Kb pdf
W2-Citation info for artic... (download)09-1028.34 Kb pdf
W2-class on 9:19.MP3 (download)09-2063.24 Mb mp3
W2-College set 1.pdf (download)09-0536.69 Mb pdf
W2-College set 2.pdf (download)09-0555.46 Mb pdf
W2-College set 3.pdf (download)09-0630.53 Mb pdf
W2-College set 4.pdf (download)09-0625.31 Mb pdf
W2-Food set 1.pdf (download)09-06117.99 Mb pdf
W2-Food Set 2.pdf (download)09-0629.82 Mb pdf
W2-Food set 3 (Waste Not).pdf (download)09-065.84 Mb pdf
W2-Food set 4 (Joy of Food... (download)09-065.71 Mb pdf
W2-Food set 5 (Evol. of Di... (download)09-068.38 Mb pdf
W2-Kirszner 1.pdf (download)08-2819.31 Mb pdf
W2-Tech set 1.pdf (download)09-0665.49 Mb pdf
W2-Tech set 2.pdf (download)09-0653.55 Mb pdf
W2-Tech set 3 (Big Brother... (download)09-069.14 Mb pdf
W2-Zissner 1-3.pdf (download)09-2015.91 Mb pdf
W2-Zissner 4.pdf (download)09-24201.24 Kb pdf
W2-Zissner 5.pdf (download)09-24243.53 Kb pdf
WS class on 9-17.MP3 (download)09-1786.8 Mb mp3
WS-Skillsbook adjectives.pdf (download)09-105.98 Mb pdf
WS-Skillsbook Pretest.pdf (download)09-193.03 Mb pdf
WS-Skillsbook verbs 2.pdf (download)09-245.7 Mb pdf
WS-Skillsbook verbs.pdf (download)09-174.52 Mb pdf