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filename date size type
Lit+ - Earnest Act I DQs.pdf (download)03-0676.35 Kb pdf
Lit+ - Earnest Context.pdf (download)03-0687.84 Kb pdf
Lit+ - Earnest.pdf (download)03-064.14 Mb pdf
Lit+ class on 3:7.MP3 (download)03-0717.29 Mb mp3
MSLit class on 3:19.MP3 (download)03-1981.25 Mb mp3
MSLit class on 3:7.MP3 (download)03-0731.18 Mb mp3
MSLit-Our Town Act I DQs.pdf (download)03-1929.6 Kb pdf
MSLit-Our Town Act I.pdf (download)03-192.6 Mb pdf
MSLit-Our Town Preview.pdf (download)03-19428.58 Kb pdf
MSLit-Rappacinis Daughter.pdf (download)03-0611.42 Mb pdf
W1 - period 3 on 3:7.MP3 (download)03-0735.4 Mb mp3
W1 - period 5 on 3:7.MP3 (download)03-0717.96 Mb mp3
W1 class on 3:19.MP3 (download)03-1947.58 Mb mp3
W1, W2-MLA8 guide.pdf (download)10-16926.2 Kb pdf
W1-Sample Works Cited page... (download)02-2851.91 Kb pdf
W2 - Purdue Research tips.pdf (download)02-12138.68 Kb pdf
W2 class on 3:19.MP3 (download)03-1923.79 Mb mp3
W2-AP synthesis chart.pdf (download)02-0517.27 Kb pdf
W2-AP synthesis practice2.pdf (download)02-12178.27 Kb pdf
W2-For Connor 1.pdf (download)02-26345.43 Kb pdf
W2-Google Research Guide.jpeg (download)02-12485.14 Kb jpeg
W2-Nothing-in-500-words.pdf (download)03-191.94 Mb pdf