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filename date size type
Lit+ - poems 2.pdf (download)11-08112.91 Kb pdf
MSLit - Fall Portfolio ch... (download)11-1348.24 Kb pdf
MSLit - 11-13-17.m4a (download)11-1357.99 Mb m4a
MSLit - Poems set 2.pdf (download)11-06112.91 Kb pdf
MSLit-STP reading guide.pdf (download)11-1343.01 Kb pdf
W1 - Fall semester project... (download)11-1332.02 Kb pdf
W1 11-13-17 pt 1.m4a (download)11-136.23 Mb m4a
W1 class on 11-8.m4a (download)11-0841.36 Mb m4a
W1-11-13-17 pt 2.m4a (download)11-1318.13 Mb m4a
W1-Example headlines.pdf (download)11-0840.87 Kb pdf
W1-Fall portfolio checklis... (download)11-1364.76 Kb pdf
W1-Headlines exercise.pdf (download)11-0635.94 Kb pdf
W1-New SAT practice 1.pdf (download)11-132.41 Mb pdf
W2 - Fall portfolio checkl... (download)11-1333.63 Kb pdf
W2-11-13-17.m4a (download)11-1331.41 Mb m4a
W2-Kelly Better than Human... (download)11-1316.01 Mb pdf
W2-MLA8 guide.pdf (download)10-16926.2 Kb pdf