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filename date size type
MSLit - Dramatic monologue... (download)09-1665.87 Kb pdf
MSLit class on 10:14.m4a (download)10-1434.22 Mb m4a
MSLit class on 10:19.m4a (download)10-1637.03 Mb m4a
MSLit class on 10:7.m4a (download)10-0716.73 Mb m4a
MSLit-Secret Garden pt 1.pdf (download)10-07120.87 Kb pdf
MSLit-Secret Garden pt 2.pdf (download)10-0774.18 Kb pdf
MSLit-Secret Garden summar... (download)10-0732.98 Kb pdf
W1 - Diagramming 2.pdf (download)09-0923.26 Kb pdf
W1 - Diagramming examples.pdf (download)09-0225.86 Kb pdf
W1 class on 10:19.m4a (download)10-1626.52 Mb m4a
W1 class on 10:9.m4a (download)10-0936.04 Mb m4a
W1-Punctuation practice.pdf (download)10-1419.85 Kb pdf
W1-Sentence combining 5.pdf (download)10-0721.63 Kb pdf
W1-which or that.pdf (download)10-071.5 Mb pdf
W2-Zinsser 10A.pdf (download)10-142.35 Mb pdf
W2-Zinsser 10B.pdf (download)10-143.92 Mb pdf
WLit - Cather.pdf (download)10-161.33 Mb pdf
WLit - Chopin.pdf (download)10-168.79 Kb pdf
WLit - Crane.pdf (download)10-16166.48 Kb pdf
WLit - Freeman.pdf (download)10-1697.84 Kb pdf
WLit - Gilded Age poetry.pdf (download)10-16184.35 Kb pdf
WLit - London.pdf (download)10-1679.2 Kb pdf
WLit - Wharton.pdf (download)10-1686.32 Kb pdf
WLit class on 10:19.m4a (download)10-1636.84 Mb m4a