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Registration for the 2024-2025 school year for EWCB  is open! Feel free to contact Jill  or Joanna by phone or email anytime. 

Both Jill Anderson and  Joanna Knighten will be offering classes with Vine Classical Hall at Redeemer Presbyterian on Tuesdays.

Jill Anderson will continue offering online classes on Wednesdays.

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High school students need exposure to the higher level thinking skills and complex language structure used in the college setting. They need to be able to decode the complex language found in the articles and texts assigned in class, to find the holes in their arguments, and then to present their ideas in writing 

Colleges and universities annually report an increase in the percentage of students who require remedial writing classes before taking freshman English. Not only is the application essay a critical part of the college application process, but more and more schools are requiring writing placement tests before even entering college.

Essay Writing for the College Bound is designed to meet these needs of high school age homeschooled students preparing for college. A combination of formal instruction and writing workshop, the class will provide a close look at what college professors expect and how to research and write essays for a variety of subjects.